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About Us

Born in Hawaii, Growing in Minnesota

Bub&Bean was started on the island of Oahu where we adopted both Bub and Bean from the Oahu SPCA. We lived in Hawaii for about three years until we moved to Minneapolis, MN in the late summer of 2018.

We look forward to an exciting year of new prints, fun events, and many new customers to pet!

Thank you for supporting our small business.



Owner, Operator, Creator, etc….

I started this business to get to pet all your dogs and meet new people. I love getting to do all of that at events, and also enjoy “meeting” you via social media where I get to enjoy seeing all of your fur-babies wearing what I’ve created!



VP of Treat Distribution

You’ll often see Adam walking Calvin around events and keeping him distracted while I work. He’s the best dog dad and gives out the ultimate scratches to all dogs we meet!


Calvin (aka Bub)

Head taste-tester and Model

He may take a little while to warm up to you, but once he does you can’t get him out of your lap! Calvin is a sweet little guy, some Pomeranian and some Dachshund, but mostly snuggle-monster. He’d love to play with your dog and eat your treats. Most of his photos are bribed out of him using cheese or hotdogs, his ultimate favorites.


Selina (aka Bean)

Director of Biting & Scratching Division

Selina is our cat - she may make a few social media appearances modeling our Mini Bandanas or rubbing on a catnip pillow, but other than that she’s fiercely private and enjoys spending her days out of the lime-light curled up on her cat tower enjoying the sun.